>>Mary Jo Bowers

"Fabrics and colors are delicious, exciting, tactile, and energizing"

I create stories using the wonders of color, fabric and textile with my art quilts. The stories that I use in each of these art quilts will be different from the stories that, you, the viewer will see when looking at them. Viewers are asked to play with the images in the art quilts and find their own interpretations.

My art quilts are characterized by bold colors, shapes and dimensions using multiple kinds of dyed and painted fabrics and are enhanced by a variety of embellishments. These contemporary quilts are made in three layers – top, batting and backing – as in traditional quilts but they are not bed quilts. Each art quilt is a piece of textile art to be displayed on the wall of your home and office.

Color and fabric together create harmony and tension in the piece, yet complementing and playing off each other to draw the viewer into the textile art. Craftsmanship brings the contemporary quilts together as a unified piece but it is the viewer’s emotions that make it work.